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Janssen Cosmetics - Purifying Tonic Lotion for Oily Skin - 200ml

Sebum flow-regulating tonic for oily, blemished skin. With yeast extract for clear, pure skin.

Bruno Vassari - Lab Biotics Daily Mist Toner - 200ml

Balances the beneficial flora and protects the skin from external aggressions, strengthening the protective barrier, and maintaining the optimum levels of moisturization. The Bruno Vassari Daily Mist Toner is a multifunctional tonic that refreshes, moisturizes, and activates skin’s natural defence system. The formula is ultrarich in prebiotics, which makes it an ideal treatment to restore cutaneous flora’s balance in your skin. The perfect product to protect your face from external aggressions, straight from the environment. In addition to this, the mist toner strengthens your protective barriers while it maintains optimum levels of moisture. Use this product two times a day as the perfect step in your restoring and balancing skin routine. Suitable for all skin types. Best recommended on the most sensitive skin types that are exposed to free radicals.

Bruno Vassari - Pure Solutions Balancing Toner - 250ml

Toner that refreshes the skin, completing the cleansing of the oily or shiny skin. It smooths the texture of the skin, closes the pores and provides a great feeling of comfort. Apply morning or night, after having cleansed the skin.

Bruno Vassari - Dual-Phase Toner - 200ml

This Dual-Phase Toner from the Glyco System line will provide your skin with a double-action. It will cleanse your skin thoroughly while giving your face a soft exfoliation action. After the use of this dual-action toner, your skin will be prepared for any treatment. Suitable for hyperpigmented, photoaged, oily, and any skin type that needs regeneration. - First, this toner acts as a complete cleansing system for your skin. - Second, this toner provides a soft exfoliation of your skin. - Third, it smooths as well as moisturizes your face. - Finally, this dual gem prepares your skin for the next treatments. - After the use of this toner, your skin is ready to welcome any further skincare.

Bruno Vassari - Aqua Genomics Toner - 250ml

Bruno Vassari Aqua Genomics Toner is a lightweight product designed to cleanse lightly, balance skin, and leave it fresh and moisturized. The surfactants in the formula help remove impurities deeply while giving gentle care to the most sensitive skin. Bring your pH back to balance with this toner in order to prevent further dry skin issues and irritations. The hyaluronic acid of the Aqua Toner contributes to powerful hydration, as well as better elasticity and flexibility. See your skin transform into a velvety, fresh and toned canvas with each purification! Skin Type: Suitable for tired, sensitive and mildly to severely dry skin.

Bruno Vassari - Refreshing Toner - 250ml

Refreshing Toner is a toner specially formulated for treating sensitive skin. Perfume and alcohol-free, it refreshes, calms and normalizes the cutaneous balance protecting the lipid membrane, basic for moisturizing the skin. Apply morning and night with cotton wool to mechanically help drag the impurities. It leaves the skin clean, smooth and moisturized, ready for the treatment.