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Safa Care - Eye Contour Care Cream - 50ml

Eye Contour Care Cream from Safa Care with a combination of active ingredients specific to the regeneration of the contour of the eye, offers a comprehensive treatment against wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. It comes with a formula that contains apricot and grape seed oil and extracts of mulberry leaves, activating the synthesis of physiological collagen necessary for cellular regeneration, smoothing visible wrinkles and fine lines. It's powerful complex, stimulates skin micro-circulation and reduces puffiness and dark circles.

Safa Care - Natural Collagen Cream - 50ml

We are all looking for that one product to give us back the youthful glow. After trying out this cream, you will have that beautiful youthful glow without any expensive treatments. What's better is that it not only firms your skin but also makes it softer and less prone to wrinkles. With its blend of natural ingredients containing garlic and cranberries, the cream has been observed to incite collagen production resulting in a firmer, smoother, suppler skin. Made with natural substances that promote skin health, unlike other commercial products, Natural Collagen Cream does not contain any harmful chemicals that might cause skin irritation.

Safa Care - The Mixture of Oils to Treat Hair Loss - 150ml

The Mixture of Oils to Treat Hair Loss is a mixture of more than fifteen kinds of oils, mixed together in a harmonious way to treat all hair problems. Argan oil has been added to give vitality and nutrition to damaged hair and to restore its lustre thanks to its vitamin E, omega 3 and antioxidants, which are the essential materials in solving hair problems.