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Pasta Del Capitano - Ox-Active Whitening Toothpaste – 75ml

Ox-Active Whitening Toothpaste is an effective treatment that visibly whitens teeth (dental prostheses, false teeth and devitalized teeth too) in 14 days without attacking the enamel. Indeed, this system can easily remove those tooth stains caused by frequent consumption of those substances rich in tannins (coffee, liquorice, red wine) or by smoking. It contains EURECO®, an exclusive and innovative patented molecule that releases Active Oxygen and acts directly, removing the stains that form on the teeth. Its high effectiveness allows excellent results to be achieved even after just 10 days' use, as confirmed in clinical tests performed by leading Italian academic institutes.

Pasta Del Capitano - Teeth Travel Kit - 2Pcs

Teeth Travel Kit from Pasta Del Capitano Contains: - Toothpaste - 25ml - Toothbrush

Pasta Del Capitano - Junior Travel Kit (Toothpaste 25 Ml + Toothbrush)

Junior Travel Kit contains a 25ml sweet mint toothpaste and a foldable toothbrush with Tynex® bristles, medium gradation with rounded tips. Ideal for proper oral hygiene, even while travelling and at school.

Pasta Del Capitano - 1905 Natural Herbs Toothpaste – 75ml

Pasta del Capitano Toothpaste Natural Herbs has a gel formulation based on extracts of natural herbs. Each one, combined with the rest, offers a guarantee of full-fledged hygiene and protection. - The Asiatic Pennyworth: is a natural vasoprotective and cicatrizant that promotes the stimulation and repair of the gum tissue. - Echinacea: is a natural decongestant, is ideal to purify the oral cavity. - Whitethorn, with its soothing properties, fights irritations and red spots, contributing to the preservation of healthy and vital gums. - The emollient and protective Icelandic Lichen: is instead known for its antibacterial action that helps prevent plaque formation.

Pasta Del Capitano - 1905 Sensitive Toothpaste – 75ml

The Sensitive Pasta del Capitano 1905 toothpaste is the ideal choice for those who love to go a step further in oral hygiene. Specially designed for sensitive teeth. This toothpaste cleans and protects your teeth and gums, ensuring fresh breath between meals. It protects against dental demineralization, the main cause of tooth sensitivity, thanks to the active ingredient Kavident, while Potassium Nitrate provides quick and effective relief. It also absorbs impurities and food particles that are accumulated, causing bad mouth odour. You will get a pleasant breath and a bright smile.

Pasta Del Capitano - 1905 Sicily Lemon Toothpaste - 75ml

Pasta del Capitano Sicily Lemon Toothpaste is the optimal solution to preserve the hygiene and freshness of your mouth. It contains A unique formula with Natural Lemon Extract from Sicily, the Italian island where the best lemons are grown. Lemon is an antioxidant that helps keep gums healthy and keep fighting bad breath caused by gum problems.