Loofahs & Sponges

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So Eco - Flat Natural Loofah

This loofah contains solid fibers that give your skin a stimulating massage and deep cleaning of the pores, and stimulate blood circulation in the skin. It comes from natural sources, so it is considered environmentally friendly and suitable for all skin types.

So Eco - Spa Head Band

Looking for an affordable, natural, and comfortable hair band? Look no further. The So Eco Spa Headband is the perfect hair accessory for spa treatments at home. Wear it while you shave or during your skincare routine to keep your locks out the way. It's soft, lightweight, and stays in place.

So Eco - Bath & Shower Pouf

So Eco Ramie Bath & Shower Pouf is a practical bath sponge that makes it a breeze to get clean and soft skin. This bath sponge is made from natural china grass and gives a very gentle exfoliation of the skin. It removes dry and dead skin cells and leaves one's skin fresh and clean. It has a built-in handle, so you can hang it up inside your shower cubicle, and thus always have it at hand when you are in the shower. Wet the sponge, add your favourite body soap, lather up and feel the pleasant feeling when you stroke the sponge over your skin.

Victoria Professional - VICTORIA SHOWER CAP ( YP-844 )

It is a shower cap for showering or bathing to protect hair from becoming wet.

Onetech - Shower Caps - 12Pcs


Perfect Water-Proof Shower Cap to maintain your hairstyle whether you have natural hair, extensions, braids, weaves, relaxed hair.