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Kadupul - Soul Eau De Parfum - 100ml - Women

Soul Eau De Parfum is a fragrance for women, with a unique blend of ancient essences that are both sensuous and exotic. It is an exploration of the moods of the East, with dry notes that are at once rich, intense, and seductive. The perfect aroma to fill your evening sky. It is made with high-quality blends. It has a musky, woody and feminine scent that is perfect for everyday wear. You'll love the sweet and sensuous aroma that lasts.

Kadupul - Warmth Eau De Parfum - 100ml - Women

Warmth Eau De Parfum is a warm, dreamy oriental women's fragrance, a distinctive fragrance that will give you an irresistible personality and attractiveness thanks to its carefully selected scents with a mixture of patchouli oud, amber, vanilla and rose.

Kadupul - Oud Amiri Eau De Parfum - 100ml


This captivating fragrance is made using agarwood (oud) which gives out a remarkable fragrance that is both strong and elegant at the same time.
Fragrance Notes:
- Top Notes: oriental spices, middle notes are amber.
- Heart Notes: wood and agarwood.
- Base Notes: amber - woody.


Kadupul - Patchouli Eau De Parfum - 100ml


Patchouli Eau De Parfum - 100ml
The Fragrance Notes:
- Top Notes: geranium, lavender and orange.
- Heart Notes: patchouli, ceylon cinnamon and rose.
- Base Notes: sandalwood, amber and vanilla.


Kadupul - Scent of November Eau De Parfum - 100ml


Scent of November Eau De Parfum - 100ml
The Fragrance Notes:
- Top Notes: orange blossom, saffron and nutmeg.
- Heart Notes: absolute rose, davana and amber.
- Base notes: vanilla, styrax and sandalwood.


Kadupul - Huge Eau De Parfum - 100ml - Women

Embrace the changing season with a soft, feminine floral fruity fragrance that evokes the gentle warmth of spring. Blending delicate floral notes with mouth-watering fruity accords, Huge Eau de Parfum for women expresses the beauty of the natural world and conjures up the sweetly scented spring air in one fresh and uplifting fragrance.