Face Wash & Cleansers

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La Mer - The Moisturizing Matte Lotion - 50ml

A quick absorbing lotion that replenishes the skin's moisture whilst helping to control the skin's oil balance. The Moisturizing Matte Lotion reduces the appearance of pores and enables a healthy, matte finish. Designed for oily skin.

La Mer - The Cleansing Foam - 125ml

The Cleansing Foam creates a gentle foam that eliminates impurities and excess oils, revealing a clearer complexion. Provides a soft treatment that calms delicate skin, drawing out impurities from the skin and leaving it soft, energised and refreshed.

Janssen Cosmetics - Clarifying Cleansing Gel - 200ml

Mild cleansing gel for oily, blemished skin. With yeast extract for clear and pure skin.

Janssen Cosmetics - Melafadin Cleansing Powder - 60gm

White, pleasant-smelling cleansing powder with pure vitamin C for effectively brightening the skin.

Bruno Vassari - Creamy Cleansing Foam - 150ml

Cleansing Gel with extra creamy and smooth texture. Performs a very pleasant cleansing without irritating or drying the skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially aged skin and/or with hyperpigmentation problems.

Bruno Vassari - Lab Biotics Extra Rich Cleansing Foam - 150ml

Prebiotic cleansing dermo protective foam. Contributes to the development and balance of the skin flora. This product is from the amazing Lab Biotics line that is ready to change the way your skin feels and looks. The Bruno Vassari Extra Rich Cleansing Foam is formulated with high-tech prebiotic actives that bio-selectively favour the development and balance of cutaneous flora. It frees your skin from all types of impurities and excess sebum production. In addition to this, the Cleansing Foam brings comfort to red as well as itchy skin. Simultaneously, this Extra Rich Cleansing Foam provides a healthy appearance. The Lab Biotics Cleanser favours skin natural protection by strengthening and restoring the microbiome balance. Use this product twice a day in order to restore and balance your skin. Suitable for all skin types. Best recommended on the most sensitive skin types.