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Janssen Cosmetics - Brightening Mask for Fair Skin - 150 ml

Brightening Mask for Fair Skin is a special care system for treating pigmentation disorders to achieve an even skin tone. When applied regularly, pigmentation flecks are visibly and sustainably reduced, a new dark discolouration of the skin is extensively combated and the complexion's colour is effectively brightened.

Bruno Vassari - Hyaluronic Sleeping Mask - 50ml

A night moisturizing mask enriched with hyaluronic acid that works throughout the night while you are asleep. This Hyaluronic sleeping mask is a revolutionary concept in nighttime skincare treatments. It is an ultralight gel-like texture. This mask is formulated with the best actives that work in synergy, resulting in a unique feeling. While you’re asleep, this mask continues to work on your face throughout the night. As a result, you will wake up with a rested, nourished, and more uniform skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Sarah Chapman - Skinesis Instant Miracle Mask - 4*15gm

This fabulous, flash-effect, peel-off mask combines skincare technologies with Argan and Moroccan lava clay for a more radiant, clarified complexion. This professional rejuvenating mask lifts, hydrates and smoothes, refines pores, perfects and brightens the skin. Shake, paint, peel and reveal.

Sarah Chapman - Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Mask - 4*25ml

This innovative mask envelops the face like a second skin to instantly hydrate, plump and soothe redness with its formulation of moisture magnets and skin defence actives. Using advanced bio-cellulose technology for superior absorption of intense hydrators, Pentavitin® and hyaluronic acid. Dull, dehydrated skin is restored, radiant and plumped up with moisture.

Directa Lab - Hydra-Therapy Mask - 13 ml * 5 Sachets

Protocol 203 Hydra-therapy mask is a non-woven mask rich in hyaluronic acid, trehalose, aloe vera and panthenol. These soothing and moisturizing active ingredients speed up the skin’s self-healing ability and stimulate the cell renewal process, for an anti-ageing activity. Thanks to its composition, it promptly releases the active ingredients, providing immediate relief to the skin and avoiding possible risks of adverse reactions. Paraben, PEG derivatives and silicone-free.

Directa Lab - Pure Skin Mask - 100ml

Protocol 203 Pure Skin Mask is a purifying mask specially developed to remove the excessive amount of sebum without damaging the stratum corneum, therefore it is recommended even for the most sensitive skins. The presence of White Clay from the Amazon Forest, indeed, ensures a purifying activity able to remove dead cells, impurities, blemishes and imperfections, while providing skin with the proper nourishment.