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Bruno Vassari - Lab Biotics Skin Defense Booster Capsules - 60 pearls

Skin Defense Booster Capsules by Bruno Vassari is the new serum in pearl format of the new Lab Biotics line, formulated kinetically with pre and probiotic actives to improve the resistance and defence of the skin against external aggressions of the environment. The new pearl serum from the Lab Biotics line is a fast-acting serum that will help you keep your skin soft and radiant. Skin Defence Booster Capsules is special for its pre and probiotic formula that strengthens the skin's natural barrier responsible for combating external aggressions of the environment and all the free radicals that promote premature ageing of the skin and the oxidation process of the cells. Apply as serum, morning and/or the night before the usual treatment. For an anti-ageing beauty cure, use it for at least two months.

Bruno Vassari - Lab Biotics Lactis Advanced Cream - 50ml

Lactis Advanced Cream is a regenerating cream from bruno Vassari's new Lab Biotics line, formulated with preo and probiotics that increase the resistance and natural defence of your skin. It will help you maintain the elasticity, firmness and luminosity of your skin while intensely moisturizing it. Its pre and probiotic active ingredients will protect the skin barrier that faces daily external aggressions from environmental factors. Apply morning and night after the skin cleansing routine with a gentle massage until fully absorbed.

Bruno Vassari - Lab Biotics Dermal Relief Cream - 100ml

Facial and body cream, ideal for the care of more reactive and fragile skins. It restores the cutaneous barrier, relieves irritations and feelings of discomfort, and strengthens and maintains protected the beneficial flora of the skin. Apply on the skin affected, twice a day, after a correct cleansing of the skin. Suitable for face and body.

Bruno Vassari - Lifting & Firming Cream - 50ml

Lightening cream. Protects from the damage caused by environmental aggressors such as pollution, smog, and sun that accelerates the appearance of hyperpigmentation, uneven tone and texture. It favours the recovery of the skin, ensures its vitality and strengthens, as well as improves its tone. Apply morning and/or night on the face and neck after cleansing the skin.

Bruno Vassari - Paté D'uva Anti-ageing Treatment - 50ml

Anti-wrinkle cream for dry skin, with a soft and emollient texture that gently removes dead cells and stimulates cell renewal. Lightens and evens skin tone, moisturizes and smoothes small wrinkles, delaying the appearance of new ones. It gives the skin elasticity, firmness and smoothness, as well as a youthful and radiant appearance. Suitable for the skin with small wrinkles, dry and atonic skin with irregular texture.

Bruno Vassari - Aqua Genomics Sorbet Rich - 50ml

Self-moisturising cream for normal and dry skins. It recreates the natural moisturisation of the skin, maintaining the balance of water and lipids on the epidermis. Besides, it contains other moisturizing actives that make it the best option for dry skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and fragile skin.