Anti-Ageing Treatments

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Janssen Cosmetics - Isoflavonia Relief Serum - 50caps

Isoflavonia Relief Capsules are an excellent express tool for obtaining the effect of “satin” skin before any solemn event.

Sarah Chapman - Dynamic Defence Concentrate SPF15 Day Cream - 40ml

This high-impact, concentrated, daily protective moisturiser is formulated with maximised doses of performance-proven, de-ageing vitamin A, collagen-stimulating peptide and telomere-protecting Renovageâ„¢ to target developed signs of ageing, uneven pigment and skin firmness, while protecting against UV and environmental damage.

Janssen Cosmetics - Lifting & Recovery Cream - 50ml

The restoring cream with lifting effect of Janssen Cosmetics Lifting & Recovery Cream is ideal for maintaining and improving skin tone, firmness and elasticity. The principle of the tool is to deeply moisturize and maintain the natural level of moisture in the cells of the epidermis.

Sarah Chapman - Age-Repair Serum - 30ml

This award-winning, multi-targeted silky serum is formulated. Our unique antioxidant complex and skin vitamins target the first signs of ageing to plump, perfect and firm, promoting daily radiance and targeting uneven texture, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Directa Lab - Pure Serum with Hyaluronic Acid 2.5% - 30ml

With age, the water balance of the skin is disturbed, and this becomes visible - wrinkles appear, elasticity and elasticity are lost. Hyaluronic acid is able to compensate for the loss of water and balance its content. DirectaLab has created PROTOCOL PURE SERUM HYALURONIC ACID 2.5%, a soft serum with a patented hyaluronic acid formula that combines two molecular weights. To restore skin firmness for excellent regenerative action.

Sarah Chapman - Dynamic Defence SPF15 Day Cream - 40ml

This award-winning, daily protective moisturiser targets the first signs of ageing, supports healthy skin functionality and delivers a healthy, glowing complexion with our unique, triple-brightening skin complex and potent skin-defence antioxidants. This innovative formula features SPF 15 to protect against oxidative stress and UV-induced damage.